Showcasing fascinating pieces of public art from countries around the world. A curated collection of street murals, exterior gallery installations and captivating sculptures found in cities across the globe.

What is public art?

For a long time I struggled to draw the line between public art and private art. When I started this project it was hard to explain that my website didn’t exhibit art found in museums but it did feature art commissioned by museums and art collectives. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon this article, by Anthony O’Grady, that I found a way to perfectly articulate the type of art I want to showcase.

PUBLIC art is any artwork anywhere the public can see it. It’s the memorial statue of the AC/DC singer Bon Scott in Fremantle. It’s Victor Cusack’s gigantic water feature, Man, Time and the Environment, in Hornsby. It’s a cast-iron gate for a child-care centre in Glebe.

Public art can be a sculpture, mural, paving pattern, lighting, seating, building facade, kiosk, gate, fountain, play equipment, engraving, carving, fresco, mobile, collage, mosaic, bas-relief, tapestry, photograph, drawing or landscaping.

The vast accumulation of public art is sculpture – durable, large-scale and relatively vandal-proof. But increasingly since the 1970s, sculpture’s predominance is challenged by installation art, where the aim is to affect the senses. Installation art can be any combination of any number of art forms.

There is agreement that public art promotes community identity, civic pride and creativity, thus playing an important part in the creation of liveable cities. But there is volatile debate about whether most public art – new or old – achieves these goals.

Most public art is small-budget stuff commissioned by councils to liven up community space…

Why I created “Free Art Found”


I’m Andrew from Sydney, Australia.
Recently, I took a bit of time out of my work and study routine to travel a little and explore some other countries. I came across so many displays of under appreciated public art so I thought it would be a good idea create a place to share some of this art. Feel free to send across or share any art that you’ve found.