Kinetic Rain

Glimpses of ideas, abstract and concrete, hover in the air between the clouds in the sky and the rippling water surface below, contemplating the dream of flying, from childhood memories and the annals of history to the technological feats of today.

Balancing between abstract shapes that hover in invisible flow to figurative vignettes of birds and airplanes, the droplets of the kinetic sculpture express the wonder and the aspirations we associate with aviation – of dreams becoming reality through determination and feats of engineering and science.


The graceful motion of the individual droplets on one hand and the large volumetric shapes on the other create a distinct aura depending on the vantage point of the viewer.

About the Artist – ART+COM was founded in 1988 by a group of artists, designers and developers, who were sparked by the belief that the computer was more than a tool. Back then they realised the potential of technology to become a universal communication medium. The group set out to practically explore its artistic, scientific and technological aspects and to put these aspects to use. Their spectrum of works ranges from artistic and design projects through to technological innovations and inventions, which have as a whole pioneered media-based spatial communication design and art in the last 25 years.

Artwork in numbers – The whole artwork weighs 24 tonnes in total, and consists of 1,216 motors, each animating a single copper-coated droplet, spread in two fields. The custom software enables precise and synchronised movement across the whole space, respecting the maximum acceleration and speed limitations of the hardware.

– ART+COM 2012

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