Digital Orca

THE “DIGITAL ORCA” SCULPTURE breaks down a three dimensional Orca whale into cubic pixels – making a familiar symbol of the West Coast becoming something unexpected and new. This use of natural imagery modified by technology bridges the past to the future. It speaks to the people and activities that created Vancouver’s thriving harbour culture, while addressing the massive changes reshaping the BC economy. The sculpture’s metal construction and lighting components evoke the daily moods of the harbour and the diversity of those who work there.

Douglas Coupland grew up and continues to live in Vancouver. His first novel. Generation X, was published in 1991. It became his first international bestseller, establishing Coupland as a cultural visionary for the post-industrial world. Since 1991 he has published twelve novels and several non-fiction books in 35 languages. In 2001 he resumed his practice as a visual artist with exhibitions in North America, Europe and Asia.

–¬†Douglas Coupland 2010

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